Barons Playoff Ticket Suggestions

Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson Photography. All rights reserved.

Many AHL organizations eyeballing a Calder Cup Playoff run have released first and second round ticketing options. For most teams this included a base rate for season ticket holders and another set of rates for box office purchases. In almost every circumstance there is a $2 increase from the first round to the second round. The Rochester Americans, for one, have added a nice “package” wrinkle to the purchasing of playoff tickets. The first and second rounds can be purchased in a combined package. Via our good friends at Let’s Go Amerks, here is the Rochester ticket scheme:

Season Ticket Pricing (all sections):

Round 1: $10 per game
Round 2: $12 per game
$78 as a package for both rounds

Box Office Pricing:
100/200 Premium –
Round 1: $18 per game
Round 2: $20 per game
$134 as a package for both rounds

100/200 End –

Round 1: $16 per game
Round 2: $18 per game
$120 as a package for both rounds

200 Upper/Balcony –

Round 1: $12 per game
Round 2: $14 per game
$92 as a package for both rounds

The Americans are well prepared. They are currently an 8 seed in the Western Conference which would have them facing the 1 seed Barons in the first round. Although they haven’t locked up a playoff spot, the promotion for post season has begun. And it’s surprisingly affordable.

I’d suggest the Barons do so quickly. Beat the rush. Beat the potential NBA ticket purchasing crowd. And perhaps get it done in an affordable, packaged fashion that persuades people to come downtown to watch really strong playoff hockey. Here is my suggestion as to how that could be done.

I’ll leave out the season seat holders for now because those folks will buy tickets regardless of their price (which will always be affordable). Simply put, the single game tickets are where the additional cash is made. I believe the “package” route is the way to go. With the first round only being five games (with 3 potential home games), I’d offer a package that averages ticket prices to about $11-$12 per seat. How about $35 for three games? If three games aren’t played, those unused tickets can be grandfathered into the next round where ticket prices go up another $2. After that second round, any unused game tickets can again be applied towards the next round, or if the team loses the tickets can be redeemed for merchandise in the team store. This is a win-win for fans and for the organization. There’s no risk in losing $$ and the team sells a full sked of tickets on a non game-by-game basis.

What do you think? In our local economy, how to you sell tickets to both Barons fans and those curious of the AHL postseason? Weight in below.