2 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Victory”

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

George S. Patton said it best when he uttered these words, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” Well said. Victory isn’t easy to attain and it certainly comes at a price. Sports fans always need more victories, yet we never have enough. The Oklahoma City Barons certainly had their ups and downs, and had to squeeze every last drop out of the season to get into the post season. Nonetheless, the quiet victory of making the playoffs in the first season of play was impressive. Dismantled by call-ups, worn thin by bad attendance, the Barons soldiered on with a first round berth.

Through a week of play, they won three games, but were bested by the strong Hamilton Bulldogs in game seven. Many assumed this a defeated moment, but the victory had already been sealed. Not a victory on the scoreboard, but a victory for a new organization and the promise of great things ahead.