8 Days Until Barons Hockey – “The Kids”

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

Kids will be kids. They are fun, honest, sincere, excitable, and unpredictable. They need encouragement, direction, love, security, and support. Knowing these things, the Barons front office has steadily wrapped its arms around pee wee hockey in Oklahoma City. The OKC Oil Kings, known formerly as the Junior Blazers, are a growing youth hockey movement in Oklahoma that has been greatly nudged forward by the Barons and Oilers.

One of the main talking points upon the Oilers affiliation with Oklahoma City was youth hockey. What can we do to promote it? How can we partner with them? And, amongst all the criticism, this is one area they have exceeded many expectations. We’ve seen kids skate with flags during pre-game festivities, they’ve played scrimmages in between periods, and they are looked upon as a part of game day. And the kids embrace these roles, and are given a platform unlike any other in the state.

So as the flag bearers enter the arena, give them a huge round of applause. They deserve it.