11 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Nelson”

2011 Training Camp Day One. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

If Coach Todd Nelson isn’t on a list of potential NHL coaches somewhere, I’d be surprised. His track record in the AHL is impressive, and his NHL assistant worth is well documented. Given the reins of the Barons club was an opportunity to shape the games of some of the most impressive prospects the NHL currently can offer. He’s taken it in stride, and sculpted a call-up heavy team that excelled through the first round of the playoffs. Keeping the ego of Omark in-tact, reeling in the excitement of a strong Hartikainen, and constructing one of the most dominate AHL lines during the 2010-11 season are all certainly signs of a coach who holds court well.

As Coach Nelson pushes the team forward, his calm and steady hand continues to navigate the Barons ship through some exciting waters. And keep your eyes on this guy, because if he doesn’t earn an NHL coaching job in the next five years, I’ll eat this blog post.