13 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Camp Begins”

2010 Training Camp. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

When camp opens in Oklahoma City this week, the marquee names won’t be wearing a practice jersey – at least not yet. Donning the practice sweaters will be two dozen of the most random players you’ve ever seen. From Central Leaguers to collegiate under-achievers, minor league camps are less than glamorous.

Last year, only a handful of people attended these open practice sessions. And I remember myself being over-zelous and muttering, “Jesse Gimblett looks good.” And given the company he was keeping, I was spot on! Because the Hartikainen’s, Omark’s, Giroux’s, and McDonald’s were still pining away for a potential Oilers roster spot.

As I type this, I’m sure there are cuts being made. Perhaps more goaltenders. Or maybe a nice looking forward or two. It could even be a player that played last season as a Baron. Either way, it’s time to lace up, hit the ice, and prep for the season. Camp begins in Oklahoma City TODAY!