16 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Chirp”

Jake Taylor. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

Two words. Peoria Rivermen. Two more words. Jake Taylor. Barons fans will never forget the Jake Taylor Ryan Reaves incident. The mere mention of the two causes my spine to tingle and my jaw to ache. What started as spirited, hard-fought game turned into a pummel fest. Four different Barons players fought four different Rivermen players. The nastiness of the night went to Reaves vs. Taylor as both were given game misconducts as a result.

This fight in particular also highlighted terrible American League officiating which is always a bonus. You’ll notice that Taylor gets ground-pounded by Reaves as the league officials watch with no reaction. Granted, the Barons players didn’t enter the fray to save their defensive crankpot in Taylor, but rules are rules.

BONUS: Jake Taylor throws his helmet & it feels like a Blazers game!

Cue the video: