18 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Community”

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

The deep roots of community involvement are more than mere icing on the cake for local sports franchises. Rather, it’s through the infusion of community participation that our sports heroes become more human, more meaningful, and often times better people.

In the throws of a busy American League schedule, where bus trips are more common than jet airliners, teams across the country find ways of giving to the community. It might be considered a photo-op or selfish, and truthfully it is, but the demonstration of “care” is never diminished.

The OKC Barons have made concerted efforts, both during the 10-11 season and the off-season, to better their community. Whether it’s Habitat for Humanity, Floor hockey for youngsters, Susan G. Komen participation, or the encouragement of local public schools – the Barons are all about community. And in an Oklahoma City community that is very close, this will have a lasting effect.

*Above picture of Colin McDonald & Alex Giroux. Miss you both. Thanks for embracing Oklahoma City!