19 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Derrick”

Derrick The Mountain Lion. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

Let me begin by saying that the love/hate feelings I have for professional mascots stems from my once overwhelming fear of costumed folk. For an adult to crawl into an over-sized cat suit, parade around an arena, and release a barrage of tees from a seemingly weaponized cannon is equal parts bizarre and intriguing.

Believe it or not, mountain lions do exist in Oklahoma. Unlike our Derrick, they aren’t cute, they don’t pose nicely for pictures (unless you count this), and they most certainly can’t skate upright (although our Derrick can’t do the latter, *ka-ching).

The Barons Derrick really is a goofy, fun-loving, giant feline. My daughter loves him, thus he gets my seal of approval.

I like the drumming Derrick. I like the non-skating Derrick. I like YouTube Derrick. And despite my hesitations, he fits the mascot niche rather nicely.

Now go find a bald man’s head to rub!