21 Days Until Barons Hockey – “The Omark 5 (+1)”

Omark. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com.

The night Linus Omark scored five regulation goals and one in the shootout, was one of the most incredible nights of my hockey watching life. A mid-week, small crowd arrived at the Cox Center to see the Marlies face the Barons. Only after a month of hockey being played in Oklahoma City, the night was fraught with little expectation. I, for one, intended on enjoying the game considering the Marlies were, well, the Marlies. Rarely does a far north team head to The City, so it was nice to have them in town. Nazim Kadri, before he was the Toronto savior and all.

Thus Linus Omark sputtered off five regulation goals. What was remarkable is that this performance happened during a very spirited game. One where Omark scored with Martin Gerber pulled and only :47 left on the clock. With a tied game, Linus scored the game winner during the shootout.

In the post game interviews he was a man of few words, and merely said “A game like this; it’s good for your confidence”.

Omark was the first tried and true hockey All Star to play in Oklahoma City. He’s arrogant, exciting to watch, and NHL ready. However, Linus Omark shed the “Youtube Sensation” tag when he wowed us all with a scoring frenzy unlike one I’d ever seen before. Kudos.