23 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Giroux”

Giroux MVP. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy www.stevenchristyphotography.com

Oh, Alex Giroux. You came and went, but you didn’t disappoint (too much). Alex Giroux was signed to the Barons for one reason, and one reason alone – to score. Steve Tambellini and company are determined to see a farm team win, even if the NHL club doesn’t. The abysmal years of Springfield are behind, and the signing of seasoned, goal scoring vets is now a priority.

Signing Alex Giroux instantly stacked the scoring tier of Barons forwards, and nearly guaranteed at least 20 goals. Scoring 32 goals, and 46 assists, and a coveted late season call-up, Giroux continued to be that guy that impresses in the minor leagues, but with which steady NHL play has never been a viable option.

Playing alongside Brad Moran and Colin McDonald, Giroux was the MVP when it came to scoring. And the league recognized him, along with Colin McDonald (in place of Linus Omark) for the American League All-Star team.

I was very hard on Giroux through the season. Mostly because his track record demanded it. I loved having his goals, but I didn’t like his inconsistencies. I can forgive slow skates, lack of passing ability, and NHL foresight. But I can’t forgive his disappearance and distilled leadership. Both ushered in his demise after one season as an Oiler.

He served a purpose, but didn’t quite fit into the plan. As a matter of fact, with an Oilers team still in rebuild mode, players like Giroux will come and go quickly so I’ll attempt to not attach myself too deeply.

Thanks Giroux for the memories and the mabbled season you had on the farm.