29 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Drafting”

The Draft Party. Photo Courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

It’s not that often that a draft party happens in Oklahoma. Be it NFL or NBA, they just don’t exist. Not because they aren’t important, but because they aren’t important right now. However, as long as the Barons remain in the American League, and are paired with the Edmonton Oilers, the draft will always matter.

Those hockey enthusiasts that devour any important moment in their sport, were glued to their HD sets to get a tiny glimpse of future stars. The NHL draft, where skinny kids bear the burden of future Cup wins in the eyes of fans and General Managers. And with the Oilers securing a number one overall pick (yet again), the burden seemed even greater. But who would it be? The Nuge? Larsson? Only those in the Oilers closed door family knew.

For a fan of a minor league team, this is where the nuts and bolts of your team can begin. Those deep draft picks that toil on the farm in hopes of making a splash all begin in a convention hall somewhere in North American awaiting their name to be called.

Thus the Barons threw a draft party downtown to commemorate said announcements. Coaching staff, managers, front office staff, and fans joined together to watch the all important and suddenly riveting “drafting” event of 2011.