30 Days Until Barons Hockey – “Home Ice”

The Cox Center. Photo Courtesy of Steven Christy Photography www.stevenchristyphotography.com

Home ice, when working in your favor, can be a beautiful thing. It’s been known to sway Stanley Cup series’, promote scoring frenzies, and ruffle the feathers of instigators. The place where your team calls home should be your house. The place where you feel most comfortable cheering on your team with thousands at your side doing the same thing. For the Barons, the Cox Center is the homeliest of ice.

The building formerly known as the Myriad has and always will be the venue that exudes hockey in the state of Oklahoma. With its construction cone colored chairs, neon-lighted snack bars, and sometimes working escalator – the mere smell of the building gets my hockey juices flowing. The mixture of cotton candy and zamboni fumes is an ever-present waft to my olfactory system. Even amidst its updates, the old barn has weathered Barney concerts, bull riding events, Cher, and high school graduations. In all, I think she’s aged well.

Season one saw many empty seats in the Cox, but I’m hopeful that will change quickly. As the the hockey virus spreads, so too will the need to protect the house. The place where hockey is royal, and the Barons reside as king.