Oklahoma City Barons & The Klout Score

The web is a weird and wonderful place. It’s a place where the free-thinkers, overtly-angry, and insanely-opinionated hang out and spew forth venom of mostly unimportant knowledge. Okay, maybe that’s the weird part of the web. However, it is nearly impossible to say that the web is anything less than entertaining.

The wide corridor of twitter has become a landing spot for celebs, newsmakers, and sports figures to “drop it likes it’s hot” and “plank” in various forms.

As I bring the focus more finely down upon sports figures in the Oklahoma City area, I can’t help but be slightly curious as to what those individuals REALLY have to say. More importantly, what do those guys in the Cox Center wearing skates have to say. Thanks to the fantastic people behind Oilers Jambalaya & Oil Field Hockey, the compiled Barons twitter list is readily available and follower friendly.

I could spend eons of time reading through timeline after timeline admiring and compiling thoughts and meanderings of all my beloved Barons. But why do that when that weird and wonderful web has done it for me. Let me introduce you to my friend – KLOUT.com

Klout is a web version of, well, clout. From their site, this is how they describe themselves:

The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

It’s really quite simple. An online tool measures whom you interact with, how they interact with you, as well as following compatibility and so forth. For instance, my Klout score (compiled from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and FourSquare) has me at 53 which is “FEEDER” status. I feed certain people information. It also describes me as being influential in the area of Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton, and Hockey. But things get interesting as I move down that area of Klout.com. I’m also influential in Disney, Parking, and TV. Remember kids, weird AND wonderful.

So let’s punch some Barons twitter mongers in there and see what happens:

Linus Omark
Klout Score: 35
Influential Areas: Edmonton Oilers, Creativity

I’ll always claim Omark as an original Baron so he’ll do fine on this list. No surprise here that Sir Linus is influential in both Oilers hockey and creativity. Spin-o-rama’s, spewing malcontent towards the GM, and speaking his mind – Klout gets this one right. Now please, tweet more for goodness sake.

Jeff Petry
Klout Score: 40
Influential Areas: ESPN, Spelling, Audio, Sushi, Edmonton Oilers

Whether he’s discussing a lazy day with the friends paddle boarding, or the latest and greatest sushi spot, Jeff Petry is a man of many tweets. I can forgive the Michigan tweets because he’s just so unbelievably random. He does tweet a vast knowledge of many sports, but to find “Spelling” and “Audio” ahead of Oilers hockey is a bit disconcerting. Then again, he’s a tweet lion, lurking in the shadows, ready to unwield tweets at random (and I mean completely random, like once every 3 days). This, is very much unlike his game on the ice.

Colten Tuebert
Klout Score: 53
Influential Areas: Vancouver, Edmonton Oilers, Cooking

He claims to be in Jodan Eberle’s closet, and quite frankly, that doesn’t surprise me. As the two are good buddies, he’s been spurred to live up to the hype. I like him. I liked him for the brief time he was here in Oklahoma City. However, when Oilers fans read his “Vancouver” tweet tendencies, he instantly becomes unlikeable. He’s steady on twitter, and on his skates. He likes to workout, eat at Tim Horton’s (drive-thru preferably), and seemingly has friends in every corner of the universe. As for the cooking thing, well he did admirable at the development camp cook-off so that’s that. Wonder if he could roll Petry some sushi?

Taylor Chorney
Klout Score: 42
Influential Areas: Unkown

Given a late contract, and never late to a round on the back nine, Chorney has it all. Discussing weddings, and the pleasure of the outside temps lead us to believe Chorney is a cool customer. But for Klout to NOT pull influential information on Taylor is disconcerting. Are there too many things to list? Is Taylor Chorney a jack-of-all-trades? Did someone say trade? I thought so.

Ryan O’Marra
@omarra8722 (private)
Klout Score: 1
Influential Areas: None

O’Marra and his private account get the worst score on our list. He’s labeled an observer which means he has a twitter account solely to watch from the sidelines. Coincidence? Absolutely not. I like O’Marra and his shut-downsy ways. He and Stortini were my tandem of choice when Nigel Dawes came soaring in round one of the playoffs. He’s dangerous and stealthy. Watch out for this social media hide-and-go seeker.

Mark Arcobello
Klout Score: 38
Influential Areas: Fishing, Bacon, Edmonton Oilers

Mr. Johnny-come-lately to the Barons is anything but, online. With the coolest twitter name, and the mention of his Yale alumni status, Arcobello is hard to ignore. After half a season in the ECHL and earning a full-time spot in the AHL, you’d expect him to be a little tenacious. He holidays in NYC, loves him some baseball, and says things like “sporkin’ ain’t easy”. Either he likes KFC immensely or he’s just incredibly awesome. And bacon, the influential bacon tweets. You’d expect him to be Canadian with such a love for Bacon.

Tyler Pitlick
Klout Score: 45
Influential Areas: Edmonton, Ankle, Tim Horton’s

The soon-to-be-one-day Baron is all about the ankles. After suffering a broken ankle earlier this year, the tweets exploded with updates regarding his status. The Man From Medicine Hat is relatively unknown in Oklahoma City, but the legend of his ankle tweets shall live on.

Josh Green
Klout Score: 37
Influential Areas: Sushi, Edmonton Oilers, #Winnipeg

Josh Green, set to fill a veteran role on the Barons next season, has a fondness for his hometown in Winnipeg. An avid Jays fan, who also likes the finer things in life like pedicures, Greener is also fond of the sushi about as much as another Baron on this list. Josh meet Jeff. Jeff meet Josh. Josh and Jeff meet In The Raw. Sign. Sealed. Delivered.

Curtis Hamilton
Klout Score: 40
Influential Areas: Unknown

Not much is known about Curtis from his Klout score. He gets the dreaded “unkown” tag, but unlike O’Marra, Hamilton’s is unlocked. Anxious to see him play in Oklahoma City, and even more anxious to hear what he has to say when Katy Perry comes to town. He’s a simple tweeter. Straightforward. And always courteous to Tyler Bunz. Ahhhhhh…

Tyler Bunz
Klout Score: 53
Influential Areas: Vancouver Canucks, Boston, Hockey, New Jersey, Detroit Tigers, Edmonton Oilers

Bunz and I could have some fun. He’s the only player listed in this article that is influential in ONLY sports categories. He loves the Jays, golfing, and twit-picing (or rather yfrog-ing). He’s a man child of many talents, and many tweets. He is buddies with Curtis Hamilton and shares his love of Katy Perry tunes. Which has me penning a letter to the Barons organization to request “Teenage Dream” as the new Barons goal celebration music.

Cameron Abney
Klout Score: 38
Influential Areas: Edmonton Oilers, Beauty

With a mug like his would you expect anything other than “beauty” to be on his influential list? Not me. The kid also loves a good hashtag. #Beauties seems to be the preference. He uses the word much like I use #sweet, and #cool, and #imawesome. However, my Klout score mysteriously doesn’t mention #imawesome. Probably because I’m not.

There you have it. The Oklahoma City Barons and the Klout score. Think you match up to the Tyler Bunz’s of the world? Wanna become influential in “bacon”? Try your hand at Klout.com

Judging from their play on the ice, there scouting reports, and first-hand knowledge, many of these Barons/Oilers have promising futures. As I jest with their Klout scores, and influences one thing remains – they are all worth following. Not only on twitter, but one the ice in Oklahoma City and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy Photography