Meet Bricktown

As someone whom lives, works, plays, dreams, cheers, and explores Oklahoma City, I often try to describe to outsiders what this “neck of the woods” is like. I could talk about the people and their kindness. I could mention the wealthy oil history. I could debate the Orange vs Crimson sporting heritage. And I could orate just how much promise the city holds in its near future. But like many other residents of their own metropolitan cities, it’s best experienced first hand.

As the relationship between Edmonton and Oklahoma City continues to be nurtured, we learn about each other both through a love of Oilers/Barons hockey, as well as blind curiosity to just know more about the cities that are now partnered on the ice.

I’ll save you the expensive airfare, my Edmontonian bretheren.

Here’s a little slice of goodness in the form of a 40 minute historical walkthrough of the Lower Bricktown area of Oklahoma City.

Couple of things to point out. The majority of Barons players live within walking distance of this area. Colin McDonald, Teemu Hartikainen, and others have mentioned in interviews about hitting up the theater, dining at Zio’s, and sipping coffee at Starbucks. All of these are viewed in this video.

However, what IS absent is the newest portion of the Bricktown area. Mainly the OKC Arena and the neighboring home of the Barons, the Cox Convention Center. I can only guess why this area was not featured in the video footage, and it has to do with historical perspective. Meaning, past the Amtrak station, the city gets younger.

People of the world, MEET BRICKTOWN!

Bricktown District – Downtown Oklahoma City (June 2011) from William Hider on Vimeo.